Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay so today's blog is going to be about leg position...but, what the heck is this?? Why does this just seem like a horrible idea? It wraps around the waist, straps to the saddle, and you put your hands through the loops. May I ask what happens it the horse acts up? Do you really want to be strapped on if a horse gets stung, or if he trips and falls? I personally would rather take the fall than have to go through that. (For those that want to know this is the Sit Strap)

Back on the subject of bad leg positioning, let's talk chair seat. The best way for me to describe chair seat is: When your sitting in a chair, your legs are in front of you and when you take the chair away you fall. But when your legs are under you, you can stay upright. It's the same with riding.
Imagine a chair under this guy. Now imagine the chair sliding out from under him. Would he stay up?
See what I mean?

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